Archy rail set 'More Circular' - 3 Medium, 2 Small

Archy rail set 'More Circular' - 3 Medium, 2 Small

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This set of 3 medium + 2 small Archy's works great for a table between 2.2 m and 3 m. Hang the Archy’s at different heights to create a playful, yet clean design.

The rail allows great flexibility by letting you move the Archy pendants and change them around to create a new setting. They can also be completely removed which is great for if you need to move the table to make room for a party.

Not sure about your ideal Archy light set for above your dining table? Get in contact with us and we can help to choose your ideal unique, minimal lighting setup! 

This item is handmade in Belgium. 

  • Dimensions

    Ø 150 mm (M) and 100 mm (S)

    Height: 190 mm (M) and 120 mm (S)

    Weight: 1,5 kg (M) and 0,6 kg (S)

  • Extra info

    * Cord: black or linen (length can be discussed)
    * Ceiling canopy in white, black or wood is optional
    * Warm colour dimmable LED light

    * Rail: 2 meter black or white SLV 230V rail with electric track feed in
    * 5 adjustable/removable adapters in black or white

  • Materials

    Upcycled, strong plaster

  • Delivery time

    This is a made to order product. Depending on stock availability delivery time is 1 - 3 weeks.