Captain Hook 'Miel Cardinael'

Captain Hook 'Miel Cardinael'

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A special and enduring bond between the object and its user is the starting point. Designer Miel Cardinael chooses for an experimental approach to material, construction and user experience.


Captain Hook is a simple yet versatile hook. You can hang jackets, kitchen towels, or bags on it. Choose one set of tree hooks or go for a creative wall, colourfully combined by making fresh repetitions or beautiful compositions.

  • Dimensions

    H: 334 mm

    W: 10 mm

    D: 50 mm

  • Extra info

    Comes as a set of tree hooks.

    A magnetic strip conceals the screws.  

  • Materials

    Lacquered steel

  • Delivery time

    Delivery time = 4 business days