Console trays & flowerpots 'Atelier Belge' - (grey/green/blue)

Console trays & flowerpots 'Atelier Belge' - (grey/green/blue)

159,00 €Price

A set of multi-functional trays, vases and planters, based on the golden ratio. Available in colourful sets of 3. 


A golden ratio is a mathematical ratio. It is commonly found in nature, and when used in a design, it fosters organic and natural-looking compositions that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

  • Dimensions

    Weight 2000g

    Size one
    L130 x D80 x H210
    Size Two
    L210 x D80 x H130
    Size Three
    L210 x D130 x H81

  • Option

    Also availble in sandblasted aluminum. Please contact us if interested.