Euphorbia Cactus 'Glas & Glas'

Euphorbia Cactus 'Glas & Glas'

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This Euphorbia cactus is the colour accent for your interior that will never fade.


It's made with recycled glass or leftover glass from larger projects and is 3 - 4 mm thick. The Euphorbia Cactus is +/- 15 cm (without flowerpot) and is stained in the traditional way and fired at 630°C. The technique used is the copper foil or Tiffany technique. 


Includes: plant, pebbles and a piece of oasis. The pot is not included.


Delivery time 3-4 weeks

  • Dimensions

    +/- 15 cm 

  • Extra info

    Fill the pot with little stones or sand to let the plant stand nice.

    Flower pot on the picture not included. 

    This plant doesn't need water ;-) 

  • Materials

    Recycled or leftover glass

    Copper from electrical wires

  • Delivery time

    Delivery time = 3 to 4 weeks. This is a made to order product.