Soy candle 'Boogie Bougie' - Dark Honey & Tobacco

Soy candle 'Boogie Bougie' - Dark Honey & Tobacco

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Scented candle with heavenly top notes of tobacco, honey, citrus, base notes of sandalwood, amber, tonka, patchouli.


Note: shipment only to Benelux


Made from 100% sustainable Soy Wax and hand-poured with a love for craft and fragrance. The main feature of our product is our wax and how, well, eco it is. It's a completely vegan, plant-based wax. It’s a soy wax, which is widely acknowledged as the best natural wax for candle making. It’s sustainable and biodegradable.

  • Dimensions


    Height 8 cm 

  • Extra info

    100% eco-friendly soy wax

    hand-made with love in Antwerp

    35 - 40 hrs burn time

  • Usage

    Trim the wick after use. It'll reset the candle 'memory' for a cleaner burn the next time you use it. 

    Once your candle is finished (yes - so good, it'll happen sooner than you think), wash it out and re-use it for things the world can (not) see.

  • Delivery time

    Delivery time = 3 business days


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