Nona Gin - Non-alcoholic

Nona Gin - Non-alcoholic

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NONA June is a non-alcoholic alternative for gin. NONA is created on the basis of a labor-intensive and innovative distillation process. The absence of alcohol makes it more difficult to truly capture a variety of different flavours and sensations. That is why NONA June was eventually created by distilling no less than nine herbs into one drink. That is where the name NONA comes from, it refers to the Latin word for 'nine'.

  • Extra info

    • Vegan 
    • Allergen free
    • Gluten free
    • Pregnancy suitable 
  • Ingredients

    • Juniper 
    • Citrus 
    • Basil 
    • Pepper 
  • Serving


    • 5cl NONA June
    • 10cl Indian tonic
    • Cubed Ice - Basil - Orange Peel

    Combine all ingredients in a glass filled with cubed ice. Add NONA June, followed by Indian tonic, rudder gently.

    Garnish with basil and orange peel.

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